Reshape your value chain with data


Deeper, Actionable Insights

Axios collects a rich set of data via sensors on our pallets, trailers and trucks. With that data, our customers are armed with real-time notifications that enable immediate response within their organization as well as clearer understanding of status and actionable insights that help improve their operational efficiency.

Icon Supply Chain In Hand Green Dark
Supply chain in your hand

Get a clear view into your supply chain data.

Icon Actionable Insights Yellow
Actionable insights

Real-time and historic data enables users to address problems the moment they arise.

Icon Powerful Tools Gray
Powerful tools

Get armed with tools to improve availability, reduce risk of unplanned service delays and manage maintenance in a smarter way.

Icon Secured Cloud Blue
Secured cloud without fuss

All data is collected and stored in a secured cloud infrastructure.

Insights When and Where You Need Them

Axios provides data through a mobile­ friendly online dashboard application. See the real-­time status and performance of each pallet and your goods on them. Trace back in history to ascertain trends or to find anomalies. Have real-time awareness of your inventory in storage and in transit. Project and anticipate upcoming resource needs. Prepare contingencies to reduce risk of unplanned delays. React quickly to changing conditions within your supply chain.


Icon One Touch Ordering Green Light
Order Remotely

Order pallets from the production floor on your mobile device.

Icon Inventory Management Gray
Inventory Management

Get pallet inventories by location including dry storage, production and cold storage.  Customers can also tie product inventory directly to individual pallets.

Icon Dashboard Blue
Interactive Dashboards

Easily share relevant information across companies to improve decision making with dashboards that can be customized.