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Closing the Gap in the Cold Supply Chain

Axios will introduce a new sensor technology to its pallet fleet that helps ensure safe transport of foods sensitive to temperature variation or shock.


  1. All pallets are shipped to an Axios sanitization facility after manufacture.
  2. Sanitized pallets are shipped on Axios trucks and trailers to the producers.
  3. Producers ship on sanitized pallets to the distributors/retailers. The new sensor will continually monitor and report the temperature and shock levels throughout this trip in real-time.
  4. Pallets are retrieved after each use and shipped to an Axios sanitization facility for washing before their next deployment.

Maintaining a specific temperature range or ensuring storage and delivery without shocks to sensitive products are critical when shipping certain goods like frozen or refrigerated foods and healthcare products. Unfortunately, comprehensive monitoring of shipping conditions is less common than consumers might think.

To solve this issue, Axios has been developing a new pallet-­embedded sensor with enhanced data­ collection capabilities for goods that are temperature and/or shock sensitive.

With the expanded capabilities offered by the new technology, Axios will continually monitor and report on customer goods on every Axios pallet, every trip.

Enhancements to the Axios dashboard will unlock even more power for our customers to increase the efficiency of their operations.

Expect these enhanced monitoring and analytical features to reach a loading dock near you.